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Get $500 off any item in the Small Gizmos [101] category, limit 1 per order, 2 per customer, 3 for entire promotion. Discount not to exceed the price of the item.
Generated Description: Get 1 at 500 off. Limit 1 per order.Limit 2 per customer.Limit 3 per promotion.
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Tiny Gizmo

The smallest gizmo in town. - Usually ships in 1 Days!


Your Price: $15.99

[x] [x]
Small Image

Nan Gizmo

Indian style Nan gizmo - Usually ships in 1 Days!


Your Price: $26.25

[x] [x]
Small Image

Square Gizmo

A square gizmo


List Price: $48.48

Your Price: $48.47

Save: $0.01 (0%)

[x] [x]
Small Image

Round Gizmo

Round Gizmo with lights - Usually ships in 15 Days!


List Price: $48.48

On Sale!

Your Price: $38.78

Save: $9.70 (20%)

[x] [x]
Small Image

Purple Gizmo

The stylish gizmo


List Price: $48.48

Your Price: $48.47

Save: $0.01 (0%)

[x] [x]
Small Image

Digital Gizmo

A digital gizmo: can be downloaded immediately after purchase.


List Price: $80.80

Your Price: $56.55

Save: $24.25 (30%)

[x] [x]
Small Image

Gizmo Newsletter 1 Month

A 1 month subscription to the Gizmo Newsletter: can be used immediately after purchase.


List Price: $5.00

Your Price: $3.99

Save: $1.01 (20%)

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  • Details Get 1 Free [WG-1111], between 15:00 - 18:00 at weekdays

  • Details Buy 3 Get 2 Free in the Widgets [200] or any sub-category (except the Small Widgets [201] category and sub-categories, but always including the Micro Widgets [20111] category), limit to two per order

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Did you know?
  • Gizmos are our most popular item.
  • Did you know that widget users live twice as long as their non-widget counterparts?